2017 Carson City Fair – Schedule of Events

Downloadable Schedule

All Events are at Fuji Park, unless otherwise stated

Monday, July 24

Dog show – obedience, rally                             8am-2pm

Static show exhibit check-in                            4-6pm

Set-up of Fuji Park                                           All Day


Tuesday, July 25

Dog show – showmanship, agility                    8am-12pm

Static show judging and display of items         8am-done

Carnival arrives and sets-up                             All Day

Exhibit Hall will be open to the public AFTER static exhibits have been judged and displayed.


Wednesday, July 26

Continue set-up as needed                               8am-1pm

Exhibit Hall Open                                                8am-9pm

Grand opening ceremony (Arena)                       3pm

Livestock weigh-in and check-in                         6-7pm

Carnival and vendor soft opening                        6-10pm


Thursday, July 27

Elk’s Club Breakfast                                         TBD

Exhibit Hall Open                                               8am-9pm

Youth livestock showmanship                     8am-done

          Show order:

          Swine, Sheep, Goats, Beef, Dairy Goats, Dairy Cattle

Youth livestock breeding animal show (immediately following showmanship)

          Show order:

          Swine, Sheep, Goats, Beef, Dairy Goats, Dairy Cattle

 Carnival and vendors                                  1-10pm

No livestock animals are to be released until 4 p.m. on Sunday!


Friday, July 28

Elk’s Club Breakfast                                         TBD

Exhibit Hall Open                                     8am-10pm

Youth livestock quality classes                       8am-done

    Show order:

          Swine, Sheep, Goats, Beef, Dairy Goats, Dairy Cattle

Youth one-day rabbit, cavy, and poultry show (immediately following quality)

Youth Round Robin Showmanship (immediately following rabbit, cavy, poultry show)

    Potentially includes:

          Swine, Sheep, Goats, Beef, Dairy Goats, Dairy

          Cattle, Rabbits, Cavy, and Poultry

Set-up for Antique Tractor Show               8am-5pm

Carnival and vendors                                       1-10 pm

 Evening Entertainment                                    7-11pm

No livestock animals are to be released until 4 p.m. on Sunday!


Saturday, July 29

Elk’s Club Breakfast                                        TBD

Exhibit Hall Open                                            8am-10pm

Youth livestock auction                                    9am**

          Sale order:

          Grand and Reserve Champion animals followed by

           remaining animals of each species; Swine, Sheep,

           Goats, Beef

Engine and Tractor Displays                            8am-7pm

Antique Cars and Trucks                                  8am-7pm

Robert Foster’s Antique Scales                        8am-7pm

Swap Meet                                                        8am-7pm

Silent Auction                                                   8am-3pm

Tractor Parade                                                   11am

Tractor Pulls                                                      12pm

Carnival and vendors                                         1-10pm

Tractor Silent Auction Winners Announced     3pm

Tractor show closes                                           5pm

Evening Entertainment                                      7-11pm

 ** Animals sold in the auction will be loaded and taken to harvest facilities, all other animals must remain through Sunday

No livestock animals are to be released until 4 p.m. on Sunday!


Sunday, July 30

 Elk’s Club Breakfast                                                 TBD

 Exhibit Hall Open                                               8am-4pm

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 Engine and Tractor Displays                              8am-4pm

 Antique Cars and Trucks                                    8am-4pm

 Robert Foster’s Antique Scales                          8am-4pm

Swap Meet                                                           8am-4pm

Tractor Parade                                                     10am

Tractor Pulls                                                        11am

Carnival and vendors                                          1-9pm

Raffle Tractor Drawing                                       2pm

Tractor Show closes                                           4pm

Youth livestock and static exhibits released       4pm


Monday, July 31

Tear-down and clean-up                            7am-5pm